Video Resumes Are Gaining Popularity Among The Recruiters After Pandemic

Video Resume

Do you wonder how short videos can land you a job? Or even if it is a real thing? The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Videos work wonders and create good impressions on the viewers. In 2020, the pandemic left many jobless – but there was a bright side where it helped people get creative each passing day. People came up with new ideas, and somewhere someone just made video resumes normal. This was when written resumes were not enough to impress employers, and innovation gave birth to amazing video resumes. In the world of online hiring, the real and physical touch of interviews has become obsolete. Yet, the recruiters can manage their profile selection technique with the help of video resumes. These resumes give the recruiters clear ideas to select the right candidate and give an offer to someone worthy.

What are Video Resumes, Exactly?

A video resume is a video recorded by a candidate looking for employment. The video is posted on the internet/job portals or sent personally to the hiring manager/team to get reviewed and shortlisted. Much like old-fashioned resume documents, all the relevant information is provided in the video, such as name, address, skills set, experience, hobbies, projects, etc. Candidates can shoot them professionally, highlighting the core personality with the help of clarity, crisp communication, and straightforwardness. Although video resumes are helpful in all the sectors, there are specific areas like the teaching sector, public speaking, sales personnel, social media creation, acting, and performances, and so on where they are needed the most.

Companies like Target, Chipotle, Shopify, Meredith, NASCAR, and WWE are now promoting video resumes over lengthy traditional resumes. These companies are willing to volunteer as they have understood the importance of knowing the applicants closely before getting them on board. Before jumping down to interviews, it is good to comprehend the applicant’s personality. With the help of video resumes, it is easier to sort the applications and move forward with the skilful ones only.

Video resumes act like an elevator pitch for the recruiters and establish a brilliant image of the candidate. Many companies have started posting job openings on their social media handles to get some creative candidates’ attention. They have started preferring these platforms over conventional job portals to find better profiles. A lot of candidates have started applying for jobs via video resumes on these social media platforms to get more positive responses from employers.

Numbers that prove the growing popularity of Video Resumes

According to a recent survey, only 17 percent of recruiters have got a chance to watch video resumes till now. However, 89 per cent of employers said that they would watch and prefer candidates with video resumes over regular applications.

Amidst the pandemic, 60 percent of the recruiters have started considering and using video resumes for shortlisting candidates.

64 percent of employers are going to continue with the online hiring process even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. They are more comfortable with video resumes as they make their work faster and easier.

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Benefits of Video Resumes in the online hiring process:

Polished and personalized format: Many candidates typically prepare a single resume for all the companies they tend to apply for, failing to consider their roles, responsibilities, personal research, culture, etc. Due to this reason, multiple opportunities are missed by the applicants. Recruiters want the personalised touch, expect quality research about the company, and demand a specific set of skills from candidates. All these can be easily assessed via a video resume.

Easy Application on Social Media Sites: Social media has made the hiring process simpler. Numerous platforms have started the hiring trend and recruiting with the help of video resumes. Many employers are seeking creative candidates, and they generally prefer video resumes.

Trust-inducing method: In the very first instance, recruiters get to know the candidates’ authenticity with the help of a video resume. This induces a sense of trust and confidence in employers and helps them move forward with the candidate’s application.

Communication and required skills: The only thing in a video resume that is evident and noticeable is the communication skill of the candidate. Required skills can be easily highlighted, and recruiters get what they are searching for in the desired employees.

Organized applications and easier to keep track: Companies can track all the applications easily with the significant bifurcation between video applications and normal applications. Recruiters can carry out an organized online hiring process.

The applicant is in control: The applying candidate is in complete control of the application. It gives the candidate the authority to make it more refined and highlight the required skills with confidence. Candidates have complete control of the quality of their video resume application.

Brief and Crisp: Due to the Pandemic, the attention span of viewers has reduced. The same theory applies to the recruiters. Video resumes should not be longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute. The more it is clear and brief, the more are the chances of getting shortlisted.

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The future of Video Resumes:

A resume is a face and entry-level filter for jobseekers, and video resumes provide a platform to showcase their work and extraordinary skills at the very first stage. It is likely to be easier and entertaining to catch on with the applicants’ details with the help of videos.

A video resume also gives the recruiter a clear idea about the candidate’s personality. It builds the connection between the recruiter and the applicant. Since many applicants fail to show their personalities through conventional resumes, video resumes are a great way to showcase all those required skills.

A strong connection can be established when a recruiter will be witnessing the candidate’s face and hearing his or her voice rather than reading the two-page description of his or her career. Appearance, hand gestures, words used, moves, dress, the tune, and the way the person speaks tell a lot about the personality, which can help indicate if he or she can be a good fit for the position.

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