Pre Budget Byte 2022: Ms. Kiran Dham CEO, Globus Infocom Ltd.


As all eyes are on Union Budget 2022 that is all set to be announced on February 1, 2022, Digital Learning spoke to a few industry experts about their expectations from the Union Budget 2022.

Ms. Kiran Dham CEO, Globus Infocom Ltd.

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“This year’s union budget brings many expectations & scopes of work on the edtech core. This budget should lay proper emphasis on the implementation of NEP across different levels. More policies should be introduced to encourage technology-based education in schools & Colleges as the ongoing covid 19 situation is already putting immense pressure on schools. Effective & sufficient infrastructure should be in line to implement edtech learning structure effectively in schools. Schools should be supplemented with technology-supporting infrastructure to make education accessible for one and all even during such tough times. It must also help in reskilling teachers with digital capacities for creating an efficient digital learning ecosystem at all levels. We further look forward towards a centralized union body to create a framework for edtech space ensuring transparency & fair practices. “