Leading School in Online Teaching Practices


MD International School, Bijnor was established in 2014 by Manorama Devi Memorial Charitable Trust whereas Late Mr. S K Jain as founder Chairman, Mrs. Samta Jain as President, Mr. Navneet Jain as Secretary and Ms. Naina Jain as an Additional Secretary played a significant role in helping the school reach the top. The teachers under the direction of Principal Mrs. Ritu Kochhar are motivating and continously guiding the students to use their full potential across all key learning areas.

As overnight schools around the world were closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers were scrambling to try and come up with ways to teach and connect with their students online. Those days, Students were simply flipping open a laptop, turning on a tablet or unlocking their phones. In order to provide the best practices of technology integration in the classroom, Our teachers were incorporating multiple strategies, following new trends and utilizing the strategies that they were the most comfortable with.

During the pandemic, technology has helped us with a lot of things today in education like learning at home, sharing ideas, research and having an app for everything. Many schools and coaching centres throughout the world have been closed due to this pandemic but because of careful planning and strategic initiatives by the MDIS team, we were “ahead” of the curve and had solutions for these unforeseen challenges.

School may have looked different during the pandemic but still, our students have participated in many virtual activities and competitions during pandemic. such as: Earth day activity, Mother’s day celebration, Morning assembly on different topics, Science projects, Father’s Day celebration, Rhyme competition, Dance competition, Singing competition, Educational webinars and Olympiads etc…. As an organization, we are incessantly looking for ways to improve our services. Since 2014, M D International School has made significant progress and investments for providing best Education and mentoring the staff members.

We are proud to announce that MDIS has successfully enrolled around 750 new admissions during the lockdown period and full salary was provided to all staff members. Also, the school has received many awards in the field of Academics, Cultural activities, Sports and Infrastructure from renowned education companies such as Education world, Education Today, NSA, AKS, Digital Learning, My brand better, BlueBerry and many more. We are committed to pushing ahead during the Corona virus shutdowns to make sure that our organization not only survives but comes out on the other side of this stronger than before.

Although many people believe that e-learning brings many negative effects to the society, there are actually many positive effects of e-learning. Firstly, E-learning can help to develop knowledge of the internet and computer skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers.

At MDIS, virtual classes are being conducted successfully through Zoom and WhatsApp groups. This multi-platform approach ensures that no student suffers due to poor connectivity. To ensure academic excellence among our students, we have adopted a number of learning practices such as syllabus completion on time, written exams, maintaining discipline in online classes and emphasis on the holistic development of students.

Our teachers encourage and promote online research, send emails and messages to the students and parents through online portals, provide homework and assignments online . The teachers also encourage parents’ participation by updating them , involving them and connecting with them from time to time as it is essential for the holistic growth and development of the students. We are providing quality education during online classes at a nominal fee structure which is easily affordable by parents . We strongly believe that MDIS is providing best online teaching practices to the students.