Ashoka University signs MoU with Max Healthcare to study complex diseases

ashoka and max

Ashoka University has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Max Healthcare Institute Ltd (MHIL) to initiate long-term, high-quality research collaborations on clinically relevant diseases.

The collaboration which is one of-its kind project undertaken by both the institutions, entails to build a joint research program on genome analysis and data analysis including AI, ML and deep learning of various genetic and life-style diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, kidney problems, autoimmune diseases, chronic metabolic disorders and the like. The partnership aims to advance interdisciplinary research to foster the development of lifesaving prevention, treatment and management tools and solutions against the diseases that are a public health priority in the country.  With the collaboration, Max Healthcare will provide its expertise in clinical research in human subjects and will serve as the clinical center for data and/or sample collection from individuals who would agree and give their written consent to volunteer to share their data for the purpose of research studies. On the other hand, the University will provide its expertise in data analysis, biomedical research and public health expertise in data collection, data analysis and sharing in research. It will further ensure access to a vast network of scientists, academicians, data analysts, public health experts, students, clinical data, equipment technology platforms, core facilities and engagement with relevant industries, start-ups, innovation centers.

The University is also geared to conduct a series of structured joint workshops, mentoring programs and academia-industry interactions for capacity building and formulation and conduct of research and publications using the technology and information gathered from joint projects. On the signing of the MoU, Prof. Malabika Sarkar, Vice Chancellor, Ashoka University, said “This is a critical milestone for Ashoka. As a University committed to health research as one of its major focus areas, this collaborative agreement which will enable research with clinicians and the opportunity to train a large number of people to help the nation to systematically support healthcare is an exciting step forward. With excellent academic programmes at various levels at Ashoka, I am confident that our collaboration with Max Healthcare will further strengthen research, education and training in health science research at Ashoka.”