Infinity Learn buys majority stake in WizKlub for $7.5 million


Infinity Learn has acquired a 75 per cent stake in WizKlub for $7.5 million, valuing the company at $10 million. With the acquisition of WizKlub, the company will be launching a new platform called Infinity Futurz, which will provide smart-tech programs and high order thinking skills such as analytical thinking, complex problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, active learning to kids of age 6-14 years. The acquisition will thus augment Infinity Learn’s existing portfolio offerings to K-12 (kindergarten to class 12) segment. It currently has presence in the test preparation segment. Over the next 24 months, it is planning on onboarding over 1 million students for Infinity Futurz. The company will also be looking at taking the Wizklub offering through Futurz to english speaking nations this year itself.

“We teach our students the right skill, at the right time, in the right medium. Wizklub also works on the similar principle of effectively teaching students with best-in-class digital products helping students develop core cognitive excellence and work on logical and creative thinking abilities,” said Sushma Boppana, Founder Director Infinity Learn.

Infinity Learn is heavily investing in acquisitions to make ventures into different verticals and to grow vertically. WizKlub’s acquisition will be the third acquisition for Infinity learn in its first year of operations. Singh said that the company will look for more procurement opportunities in the near-term as they look to expand to more verticals. Infinity Learn is also looking to expand globally, but that the company will not rely much on acquisitions for global forays.