Performing arts education – A life skill & stepping stone to a brighter future!

Denise Gosney

Denise Gosney, Managing Director and Founder, Razzamataz Theatre Schools shared, “We are a performing arts education franchise school catering to children and young adults up to 18 years old. Since our launch in 2000, we have expanded to 60 franchise partners in the UK and teach around 10,000 students each week. Razzamatazz is passionate about supporting schools worldwide in cultivating the next generation of confident, adaptable, collaborative, and curious leaders. We are thrilled to announce that we will be bringing our brand to Dubai with the launch of our first skill in September 2023.”

Karen, PR Manager, Razzmatazz, shared, “Their “mission is to provide excellence and inclusion in performing arts training. Denise, the founder and managing director, also expressed her passion for performing arts education and how it transformed her life, boosting her confidence and equipping her with crucial life skills. Razzmatazz believes that performing arts is a stepping stone to a brighter future, complementing academic topics like science, technology, engineering, and maths. Through performing arts education, children can effectively communicate, negotiate, collaborate and become entrepreneurs and leaders.”

“Razzmatazz has a large and experienced team of professional performing arts educators, with over 30 years of experience in the children’s activity sector and specializations in performing arts, business, marketing, and PR. The team aims to build self-belief in their students and inspire the next generation through the arts to be better communicators, leading to higher academic achievement. They offer various products, classes, and masterclasses, including commercial and West End and Broadway musical theatre trends, audition techniques, and the process of applying to the top UK performing arts colleges and universities.”

“Razzmatazz’s performing arts lessons offer various benefits, including increased confidence, collaboration skills, positive effects on academic learning, and increased empathy. They provide a safe and secure environment for children to express themselves and find a community. The franchise school also offers multiple performing opportunities, including the chance to perform on a leading London West End stage. They recently sold out two shows at Shaftesbury Theatre and aim to offer these opportunities to their international students.”

“Razzmatazz’s exposure to the public began after Denise’s appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2007, where they were given full investment by Dragon Duncan Bannatyne. They were then invited by TUI to provide performing arts teachers to their holiday resorts worldwide, leading to a significant expansion in the UK. Razzmatazz has continued to build its profile, with articles in many national newspapers like the Daily Express, which has a monthly audience of around 2 million.”

“Razzmatazz has become a leader in the performing arts, franchising, and children’s education sectors. They have established a brand both nationally and locally through strategic partnerships and responding to the need for increased physical and mental health support for children and young people. Razzmatazz has won several awards, including double wins in the British Franchise Association awards in 2022 and award success at the FSB Federation of Small Businesses. They have also been approached by influential brands such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, and 20th Century Fox to promote their products. Razzmatazz is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, and they help young entrepreneurs through business support and mentoring.”

“They provide unique opportunities for children and their families, including performing on London’s West End stage, Disneyland Paris, and enrichment trips to New York. Razzmatazz receives daily messages from parents about the positive impact their classes have had on their children’s confidence and transformation. Razzmatazz is proud of its alumni, who are working as professional performers in the West End, major TV shows and films on Netflix and Disney, as well as a presenter on BBC Radio One.”

“Razzmatazz is committed to being inclusive and has provided more than half a million pounds in scholarship places and charity donations. They work with thousands of preschools, primary schools, junior schools, senior schools, and higher education colleges to enhance their arts offerings. Razzmatazz has launched the Razzmatazz Training Academy, which ensures their teachers and teams have access to CPD, helps them progress their careers, and ensures high levels of teaching consistency. Many of their students come back to them and work as assistants and teachers, and some become franchise partners.”