Tech-upskilling startup Scaler acquires delhi-based edtech platform Pepcoding


The tech-upskilling startup Scaler acquired the Delhi-based edtech platform Pepcoding for an undisclosed amount.

According to a press statement from Scaler, the acquisition aims to further accelerate growth and support across a number of business divisions, including strategy, product design, B2B enterprise, operations, and instructor org.

This is Scaler’s fourth acquisition; over the previous two years, the company had bought AppliedRoots, Coding Minutes, and Coding Elements.

Sumeet Malik, Co-Founder, Pepcoding, has joined as a teacher and content producer to enhance the learning environment, particularly for the Low-Level Design (LLD) curriculum. Additional Pepcoding personnel have joined Scaler as full-time workers who collaborate on numerous teams.

The primary goal of Scaler is to improve both computer experts’ and college students’ skills. As part of a demanding six-month computer science programme, the firm offers live seminars conducted by subject-matter experts and IT professionals.

Data structure and algorithms (DSA), web programming, data science, CORE, CBSE, GATE, and business analytics are Pepcoding’s areas of expertise. Pepcoding offered undergraduate students a platform with offline and online courses that allowed them to advance their coding abilities, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and find employment possibilities at top businesses. Since the team’s founding in 2017, it has worked with more than 5,000 students.