UGC: Students can get degrees irrespective of course duration

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A UGC panel has advised that regardless of the minimum duration of the programme, a student may be considered for the award of a qualification, including a certificate, diploma, or degree, provided the necessary amount of credits have been acquired.

Given the provisions for multiple entry and exit in higher education, the National Credit Framework, and the Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programmes as anticipated under NEP 2020, it has been suggested by the “Expert Committee to Review the Notification on the Specification of Degrees and Suggest New Degree Nomenclatures” that it would be appropriate to recognise qualifications at the level of undergraduate certificate, undergraduate diploma, and postgraduate.

“Regardless of the program’s minimum length, a student may be given consideration for the award of a qualification (such as a certificate, diploma, or degree) after the necessary amount of credits has been earned. The University Grants Commission (UGC) panel stated that the degree nomenclature may be changed to conform to international standards.

The panel has suggested that a proposal for the method to establish new nomenclatures at any level pertinent to current and emerging societal demands, together with rationale, shall be given to the UGC. “The Standing Committee established for the purpose shall study the matter and suggest measures to the Commission. The UGC will notify students of the revised degree nomenclature following the Commission’s approval. For convenience and clarity, it noted, “UGC may adopt a practise of issuing its following notifications with a comprehensive list, containing the names of all previously specified degrees as well.