Infinity Learn launches IL Vista – the virtual intelligent system for tailored academics

Infinity Learn launches IL Vista

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya has recently presented its groundbreaking project: IL VISTA – the Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics. This monumental initiative has received substantial investment, with almost a million dollars allocated, and a commitment of an additional 4-5 million dollars reserved for its upcoming phases.

IL VISTA represents a pioneering leap in the field of education. The Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics seeks to fully utilise the potential of artificial intelligence to address the challenges educators and learners face. This vision is brought to life through a unified set of mobile and web applications that provide users with an array of tools, ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is always at their disposal. In the traditional educational model, teachers guide learners with hints, enabling them to develop the right approach until they become independent problem solvers. In VISTA’s domain, this scaffolding role is taken up by Doubts AI, a modern ally of educators with a foundation in traditional values. Doubts AI comprehends and directs a student’s learning, guiding them step by step to ensure they grasp the underlying concept, not just the answer.

However, a learner’s educational journey is incomplete without assessments, which involve the process of gathering data to better understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses. IL VISTA’s Assessment for Learning aims to revolutionize the inputs and feedback provided by educators during assessments. This approach primarily empowers educators by allowing AI, instead of fatigued human eyes, to assess each student’s learning efficiently and impartially.

Today’s educational landscape shows that learners often turn to videos to grasp complex concepts. The Check for Understanding (CFU) tool enhances the learning experience by inserting checkpoints within these educational videos. These checkpoints pose questions to improve student focus and gauge their understanding.

Recognizing the pivotal role of educators, VISTA’s Teacher Assistant is designed to be the digital confidant of every educator. This tool aims to “Empower Educators for Tomorrow” by assisting in everything from lesson planning to resource identification and pedagogical insights. It equips educators with the finest digital tools to adapt their teaching strategies for a new era.

Sushma Bopanna, Academic Director, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions and Founder Director of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, shared her excitement about the launch, emphasizing the goal of creating a brighter, more inclusive learning world with technology as a supportive guide for educators and a source of enjoyment for students.

Ujjwal Singh, CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, further elaborated on IL VISTA’s powerful AI engine that analyses interactions, queries, and feedback from learners and educators. This endeavor is not just about streamlining the learning process but about elevating the entire educational ecosystem. He expressed confidence in delivering a mature product that will redefine the educational landscape, given the promising initial results.

As Infinity Learn embarks on this transformative journey with IL VISTA, it signifies the beginning of a new era where education and technology intersect to create unmatched learning opportunities.

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