Report: Proper Data Collection and Analysis Can Enhance India’s Education System

indian education system

A new study by Aapti Institute and Mozilla, funded by USAID, reveals opportunities and hurdles for data-driven decision-making in India’s vast education system.

Good News: Data Can Drive Improvement

  • The report highlights the potential for data collection and analysis to benefit the education system significantly.
  • Standardised data collection and analysis could inform better policies and interventions.

Challenges to Address: Data Collection and Privacy

  • The current system needs to be more cohesive, with different groups collecting data at various times, burdening schools.
  • Data collection methods must be updated, relying heavily on manual entry and paper records, raising privacy and security concerns.
  • The digital divide creates data gaps, potentially skewing policy decisions.

Recommendations for Improvement

  • The report suggests creating a central agency for standardised data collection with strong privacy protocols.
  • Financial incentives for data entry, specialists in each region, and IT training are recommended.
  • A standardised scoring system for schools would encourage data-driven improvement.

Importance of Responsible Data Use

  • USAID emphasises the importance of “clean, participatory data” for positive development.
  • Mozilla highlights the need to balance data’s potential with responsible handling to avoid harm.

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The Study: Scope and Impact

  • The report “Strengthening Data Ecosystems in Indian Schools” is based on nine months of research across ten states.
  • Responsible data use could significantly benefit India’s education system, which has over 1.49 million schools and 265 million students.

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