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India’s Top Preschool Ranking 2017

Holistic Development of Students: Holistic development of students focuses on addressing all of their emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual needs of life. This perspective to development encourages caregivers and teachers to look at the child in entirety instead of focusing on individual aspects of personality.
Infrastructure: This is one of the key parameters in ensuring healthy learning environment for kids in preschools. The schools were evaluated on the basis of campus aspects of classrooms and transitional spaces and supervisable circulation spaces (such as hallways and corridors).
Pedagogy: It refers broadly to the deliberate process of cultivating development within a given culture and society. From this point of view, ranking of preschool is adjudged based on three basic components:
(1) Curriculum or what is being taught;
(2) Teaching methodology or the ways followed to teach the toddlers and Methods followed by preschools to develop cognitive and affective skills essentially required for successful functioning of kids in society that education is designed to promote.
Student Enrollment: This factor of ranking focuses on the number of students enrolled annually. Under this parameter, a detailed study of student enrollment for last five years along with enrollment of girls and boys in the preschool is done. After a comparative analysis of last five-year report, ranks are allotted to a preschool in this segment.
Innovation in ICT Usage: In today’s competitive and changing world, Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role for a student’s overall development. Under this parameter, factors like, promoting latest technology tools for learning, keeping best security practices through ICT, creating virtuous circle based around ICT and innovative teaching, use of ICT to link home and school effectively and positive associations with computers have been considered to rank the preschools.
Parameters for Franchise Preschool Ranking: Education is India’s fastest growing franchise business sector after food and beverage. And, the preschool franchise being part of it is also among the rapidly booming businesses nowadays. The preschools by selling franchises establish their centres across the country for fulfilling basic educational needs of the children in their early learning years. The ranking of preschool franchises is done on the basis of following parameters.
Success in Franchise: To determine the ranks under this parameter, various important factors like, standards followed by all the franchise of a brand are followed or not, employee training, services provided to customers, involvement with the community, communication rate between franchisor and franchise are considered. Scores obtained by a brand on these factors are combined to rank a preschool brand.
Infrastructure: This parameter is very important to ensure healthy, pleasant yet comfortable learning environment for kids in preschools. To rank a preschool, factors like campus area, total built-up area, safety and security, classrooms conditions and transitional spaces are considered.
Innovation in Pedagogy: Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education. In other words, it is the study of ‘how best to teach’. Innovation in pedagogy is a must, as it allows the teachers and schools to be in sync with the modern teaching methods and trends. Innovation in pedagogy draws more interest of kids towards the subject. So, it is an important parameter to decide rank for a franchise preschool.
Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is the systematic process to check whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements or not. For a preschool, quality assurance is to increase customer confidence and a school’s credibility. Quality assurance helps a preschool franchise to improve work processes and efficiency, and enable it to compete with others. In order to rank among the top preschools franchises, they have to follow and abide by the certain quality standards.


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