Reinventing Excellence In Medical Education :: December 2015
December 2015

Reinventing Excellence In Medical Education :: December 2015

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Technology: Panacea for Educational Fault Lines

Special Interview

Reinventing Excellence in Medical Education

Cover story

Role of Technology in Bridging the Educational Fault Lines

Bringing Students Closer to Campuses

Increasing Educational Productivity

Removing Barriers for Learners

Opening Arms of Learning

Digital Learning: Empowering Youth

Enabling Learning For All

Making Learning an Active Process

Personalised Learning through Technology

Leveraging Technology to Reach Masses

Democratising Education through Technology

Making Quality Education Accessible


Offering Lucrative Opportunities


Making Education Fun Online

Easing Learning via Technology

m-Learning: New-age education mantra

Offering Co-Scholastic Learning

Industry Speak

‘Holistic Education from my Vantage Point’

Gaining Competitive Advantage through Analytics


Tethering Medical Education to Technology

Creating Affordability of Higher Technical Education: Central to Indian Economy

Yet Another Roadmap to Solve Engineering and Technology Challenges

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