Going beyond education!

Innovative uses of information and communications technologies have been  applied in the field of education. While many institutions around the world are at different stages of moving to a digitized economy, the strategies that have been adopted by them vary depending on what stage of development they  initiated them in. The current thinking stems from the global debate on the Information Society, which was held in Tunis at the end of the last year. Digital Learning expands the scope of education to go beyond formal schooling and literacy. It has expanded the definition of learning. There have been numerous learning communities that have generated interest among the practitioners.  With over a hundred thousand discussion groups, various dimensions of ICT in education are being discussed. If one takes a few moments to search the  Internet, one can come across a huge information overload. However, the stories of practical experiences are important to document and share. We look forward to building this magazine as a platform for knowledge sharing, where experiences are systematically documented. We plan to cover a combination of grassroots or small experiments intermixed with macro perspectives from experts. In order to look at the tools of communications, it is important to note that ‘Digital’ encompasses innovative use of digital media like TV, mobile technologies, radio and other ICTs in addressing the digital divide issues. We are covering stories from around the world focussed on technologies and welcome your inputs and feedback on how to make this a valuable platform for  success. Our team is also planning the Digital Learning Asia 2006  onference (www.Dlasia.csdms.in), to be held on 25-28 April, 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. We welcome you all to visit the website and learn about the conference and participate. Wish you all a very happy and successful year 2006.