Catering to Students’ future needs

It’s a school where teachers keep themselves updated by attending workshops outside, helping themselves to keep teaching methodologies more students oriented. Classes are well-equipped with smart tech is used by teachers to ensure classes feel more interesting, says Chandan Aggarwal, Chairman, GD Goenka School, Kanpur in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Imparting education is certainly not a child’s game today, how would you share some of the main challenges of school education?
There is no shortage of challenges in school education today. Some of them include raising the professional status of teaching, designing a 21st century curriculum, promoting flexible learning arrangements focused on growth, identifying and meeting the needs of children.

How would you define the best school in present times?
For a school to exist as a real learning space for a child, it has to be a good match with the child’s needs as well as personality. Some of the features which best define a good school include  an ideal school environment, safe learning space, attractive for knowledgeable teachers, a school that cares for students learning, works hard to keep the curriculum relevant for students’ career sake, and most importantly, where school environment is led by those people who value others.

Why should anyone view your school distinct from others?
In today’s competitive academic environment, it is more important than ever for an educational institution to stand apart from the rest. Some of the factors distinguishing GDGPS apart from others schools include relieving the burden of administrative duties so that teachers can focus on students, broad collaborative relationship among faculty, parents and students. We communicate updates about students to the parents, share students’ information securely to allow faculty to easily communicate with parents, and use of most modern technology in the classrooms (Educomp / Extramarks). Our teachers are well-trained and highly qualified and undergo various workshops, which helps them with their methodology. Using all these technique and technology we aim at providing the best education in the state and eventually in the country.

GDGPS’ professional achievements include
  • Leading entrepreneurs Award 2016 (Chairman)
  • Best Student of the year in NMIMS Mumbai 2007( Mr Chandan Agarwal )
  • International Quality Award by Brands Impact.
  • GDGPS Kanpur has been rated as best Holistic Development School and the State by Brands Academy.
  • Golden Category Award for Development of society by ‘ Business sphere Magazine’

Do you think technology is transforming the school education scenario?
In many ways, the technology has profoundly changed education, for one technology has greatly expanded access to education. Today massive account of information (Books, audio, images, videos) are available for everyone through internet. Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together.

With ever changing dynamics of the education sector, how your teachers are changing their instruction & way of imparting education?
Our teachers are provided opportunities to attend workshops outside which help them to make their teaching methodology more students-oriented.
Classes are well-equipped with smart tech (Educomp / Extramarks) and these resources are regularly used by teachers to make their classes more interesting. It is particularly helpful in cases of students who are audio visual learners.
The institution also has well equipped Math Lab, Computer lab, Robotics Lab. Teachers are also provided frequent workshops to be able to use these labs as part of their curriculum today.

What are your biggest professional achievements and what priorities have you set for future?
“Respect for the Individual” is the attitude the G D Goenka Public School carried throughout, which hence made us ranked No. 3 in Kanpur and No. 10 in UP.

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