Golden Bells Pre School Channelises KIDS’ inborn wisdom

A fine balance between diversified aspirations of parents and their wards amidst a realistic set of constraints is established at Golden Bells Pre School, tells the school’s Director Dr.Rajeev Gupta in a tete-a-tete with Elets News Network (ENN).

What have been the key facets of evolution of the learning eco-system at your school?
The key facets of evolution of the learning eco system at Golden Bells Pre School can be definitely classified as Multiple Intelligence (MI) based curriculum and the teaching pedagogy adopted through experiential learning.

Students are taught in the most adaptable and unorganised way through the implementation of the MI profiling and thence worked upon on their individual innate strengths and learning and acquiring style keeping in mind the brain dominance and at the same time focussing on the different quotients – Intelligence; Emotional; Adversity and Creative.

Major emphasis is given on the inborn intelligences accompanied by the three learning styles – Auditory; Visual and Kinaesthetic.

Our scientific analysis through this unique concept guides an individual in assessing his / her inborn abilities and interest, the preferred learning style, the acquiring style, the distribution of all the multiple intelligences, the brain mapping, the reflex angle, the personality profiling and provides information regarding career options.

Children are provided the right ambience and a very stimulating and creative environment for their best, all round development in all requisite fields.

A curriculum anchored around innovation and reinvention, incorporating latest technology trends, facilitates in bringing about an inner change in every student, besides the dexterity and the aptitude to achieve success in an emerging global environment. It empowers the student to ‘think out of the box’.

What systems and processes have you deployed to accommodate the same?
Teaching pedagogies adopted at Golden Bells are innovative. In each student, we encourage self-confidence, curiosity, problem solving, use of different languages in groups, stimulate questioning and discussion, provide opportunities for conversation and self-expression in English. Certain unique features in our curriculum distinguish us from the rest.

Each child is endowed with a specific talent. To dig up this very distinctive talent in every student, we have incorporated this unique concept of MI. It is the scanning of the fingerprints and brain mapping that is the base of this technology.

Innovation is the epicenter of our School. We firmly believe in unleashing the genius in every child.

What has been the definitive purview about the incorporation of technology in the teaching learning processes at your school?
Golden Bells Pre School happens to be the first School in India to have incorporated MIA. Multiple Intelligence Assessment involves analyzing the potential of a child, learning styles, acquiring styles, brain dominance, and distribution of intelligences through the fingerprints. It identifies the various hidden intelligences, giving vital information about strengths and weaknesses of a child including emotional, creative, adversity, spiritual and intelligent quotients. The child is then introduced in his/her strong areas; enough care is taken to improve weak areas.

We lay emphasis on hands on learning wherein students learn and express the same in simple activities. We help the children connect their learning to real life and encourage them to innovate.

How do you maintain the fine balance between the diversified aspirations of parents and their wards amidst a realistic set of constraints which an educational environment poses?
A fine balance between the diversified aspirations of parents and their wards amidst a realistic set of constraints is established at Golden Bells Pre School.

Experiential learning helps them relate classroom theory to the world of work. Engaging in experiential learning opportunities helps them gain valuable work experience before they graduate and experience new work environments.

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