Shaping Lives With positive bonds

Parents play an equal role in imparting quality education and shaping up their child’s personality to excel in this beautiful world and the school lays lot of emphasis on the concept of school-home partnership, says Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Director, Indraprastha International School, Dwarka in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How would you describe the main challenges in school education in the current scenario?
Inspiring a student to be a learner rather than an examinee is the biggest challenge in today’s scenario.

Amidst cut-throat competition and hollow claims to appear better than others, what are the real qualities that defi ne the best school?
Most of the schools today believe in showmanship. They have artifi cial halo. The school which has perfect positive bond amongst the facilitator (teacher), learner and the parent, I believe, is the best school.

How would you describe distinctiveness of your school?
I focus on the positive bonds as I have just mentioned and my team puts all efforts to inspire every child under our care. With the motto “Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child”, we are trying to make a difference in the grooming of every child.

Can parental involvement leave a signifi cant impact on children’s learning and education? If yes, how?
Parents are equal partners in providing quality education and shaping every child to excel in this lovely world. I, as Principal, lay lot of emphasis on this school-home partnership.

With technology turning integral to learning the concepts of education, how do you view technology transforming the school education landscape?
Technology is the only tool which amalgamates all media for learning that is Text, Sound and Picture. Thus, it’s the best tool for facilitating learning. It also allows every child to learn at his/ her own pace of learning and at own level of learning. As an exponent of Integrating Technology, I strongly advocate mindscaping through integration of technology.

With ever changing dynamics of the education sector, how are your teachers changing their instruction & way of imparting education and how you keep the curriculum up-to-date to meet the changing demands?
Today’s child is hyperactive and has a great quest for learning newer things. There was a time, when students learned the way teacher taught but with the changing time, teacher must evolve a method by which students learn. Today, a teacher must focus on discovering the syllabus instead of covering the syllabus. If a teacher focuses on discovering the syllabus, the need for the change will be automatically taken care.

Today children are hyperactive and have a great quest for learning new things. With the changing time, teacher must evolve a method by which students can learn with joy.

What has been your biggest professional achievement so far? What priorities have you set for future?
I take pride in being a teacher, as I’m very passionate about teaching. I still remember while joining teaching profession in 1981, I promised to myself to be different. In the last 35 years, the smile on the faces of my students and their success in all domains is the biggest professional achievement for me. However, being advisor to number of schools on Integrating Technology, doing orientation programmes for newly appointed principals of CBSE schools, guiding schools on quality as member of QCI and getting the President of India Award, 2003 have been some of my professional achievements.

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