Little Elly, Heaven of Fun Filled Preschool Life

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The school is focusing on expanding footprints in north India. Its brand Little Elly program plays a key role in encouraging entrepreneurs to have a rewarding and challenging career with association, shares Preeti Bhandary, Director, Little Elly with Elets News Network (ENN).

What challenges contemporary preschool education is confronted with?
Preschool education sector faces a raft of problems like low teaching salaries, high teacher absenteeism, understaffi ng, inadequate training, weak quality and inadequate government support. Unavailability of quality teachers has turned a major challenge for Preschools.

Increasing competition in education is prompting parents to plan their children’s future from early childhood. Parents have high expectations from preschools in terms of ensuring compliance to the standards of teaching methods.

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Little Elly’s years of excellence have won it many awards including
  • Business Leadership Excellence Summit – 2016 for Preschool chain of the year 2016
  • Indian Education Award 2015 – Innovation In Early Learning/ Child Development
  • Indian Education Award 2014 – Best Preschool in South
  • Silicon India 2014 – Top 5 Most Promising Preschool In India
  • Top 100 Franchise Business in India for 2013/2014 and 2015

What distinguishes your school from the rest?
We perceive students’ safety and health as top priority. Most of the times, the students are happily engaged in a variety of activities, working in pairs or small groups all over the room. Our curriculum encourages students’ overall smartness.

Our Early Learning Program is an adventure in learning that builds through storybook, film, song, game, activity and poster. It infl uences concept and skills. It feeds the child’s imagination, his senses and intellect.

How significant is positive parental involvement in a child’s learning?
Our Little Elly program enables parents to guide the child into a wonderful chapter of preschool. We ensure parental involvement through their presence at general meeting, teacher meetings or during school events. We invite parents with special skills to participate in parent or staff meetings.

We encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom, giving them first-hand opportunity to see, how teachers work with children.

How much technology is transforming the school education’s landscape?
Despite new technologies to learn, our teachers remain an important part of our curriculum. Our teachers use ICT mainly for word processing and developing lesson plans to address the content of syllabus. This also includes adapting our paedagogy to interact with students and sharing monthly plans with parents.

With changing dynamics of the education sector, how your teachers are trying to keep things aligned with modern times?
Our teachers know the importance of being a child’s first and most important teacher. We recognize the importance of keeping records of a teacher’s effectiveness. The records range in form from a teacher’s individual notes to internal records, reports and observation results.

Records help to see the teacher is learning satisfactorily, if teacher can identify children not making expected progress, the resources she uses are appropriate and if parents are being duly informed.

What priorities you have set for future?
We are focusing on expansions in the northern regions. Franchising is very profitable as it creates new opportunity and increases the area of interest for an aspirant businessman eager to launch his own business and expect quick returns.

Our brand Little Elly plays a huge role in encouraging entrepreneurship to have a rewarding and challenging career. For people who always want to be a part of something bigger, Little Elly provides complete support in starting their own business through our franchise opportunity.

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