Maharashtra State Board to change school textbooks

(Photo by Sybill Jecker/Brooks Institute, ©2008)

The Maharashtra State Board (SSC) has announced to bring about changes in textbooks of Class 7 and 9, introduce advanced teaching methodologies and conceptual learning from the next academic session.

Nand Kumar, Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Maharashtra, said, “The changes will be brought in with the help of elected members of the academic board”.

He added that the changes will not involve syllabus but a new method of teaching will be introduced.

“I wouldn’t call it as a syllabus change but yes the textbooks are changing. The syllabus will be the same but the manner of teaching will change. We are moving away from rote learning to conceptual learning and overall, our textbooks should reflect the same. Hence it will be based on practical, experiential learning,” Kumar said.

The Maharashtra government has been introducing changes in textbooks in phased manner.

Soon after finalising the process of textbook production, a plan will be prepared to train the teachers of classes 7 and 9 of all schools through workshops in virtual classrooms before the beginning of new session.