Rangoli Preschool: Making Learning A Joyful Experience

Rangoli Play School

Laying emphasis on identifying and nurturing the natural talent of students and making learning a matter of sheer joy, remain the two important guiding principles of Rangoli Preschool, says Prahar Anjaria, Chairman, Rangoli Group of Institutes, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How Rangoli Preschools are different from other preschool brands in the country?

Prahar Anjaria, Chairman, Rangoli Group of Institutes
Prahar Anjaria, Chairman, Rangoli Group of Institutes

Rangoli boasts of many distinct features which make it a premier brand across western India. These include a research-based in-house development course curriculum support, giving importance to every individual centre with a focused approach on quality and last but not the least, an extensive startup and ongoing support.

What innovative practices are adopted at Rangoli Preschools to support learning needs of its students?

We believe that every child is different and thus we give them personalised treatment. Also, all the children don’t have same learning abilities. A child may be an auditory learner, visual learner, a logical learner or kinesthetic learner. Therefore, we have designed our curriculum and training module to meet needs of all type of learners. For example, our story-telling sessions comprise four different aspects: Narration, flashcards, puppets usage and role plays/dramatisation.

What are the focus areas in curriculum to help children becoming futureready citizens?

Developing social skills is the need of the hour. We believe education is not only within the four walls of the school. Children need to be given exposure with the different people of the society. They need to interact with them to develop their communication skills.

Apart from it, the different types of cultural activities and religious fests bring them together. While dealing with their peers, they learn and unlearn lots of new things. Even the cultural exchange is also possible through different meets. We organise different activities for the involvement of parents and grandparents to interact with each other. As now, each part of the country has become cosmopolitan, our children need to respect all religion and accept cultural diversity.

Please describe about Next Generation Preschools and the E4 Pedagogy.

Rangoli Preschools lay emphasis on identifying and nurturing the natural talent of its students and making learning a joyful experience. A Preschool is every child’s first step to formal education. At this stage, it is essential that the curriculum is designed with consultation from teachers and eminent educationists. We, at Rangoli, have done that and designed the courseware that has a sharp focus on various developmental areas like socio-emotional, creative, language, physical, cognitive, intellectual, moral and aesthetic development.

Rangoli follows an E4 pedagogy that uses innovative methods to create a learning environment helping every child to utilise the pedagogy and achieve the milestones of learning and development. This is our methodology where teachers explain various concepts using their creativity, encourage children to explore things and express their thoughts. It also helps teachers to judge the learning outcome.

What is the vision and mission of Rangoli Preschools?

Rangoli Group of Institutes works with the vision of being among the top educational institutes of India by imparting quality education. We wish and attempt to have the best schools and preschools in each and every area to cater different needs of parents and students.

The mission is to give every child, the unique entity and personalised treatment they deserve, Make learning a matter of sheer joy. Give teachers the esteem and space for realising their potential.

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