Harshpal Singh Khurana – Founder, Tabschool: Challenges in Conducting online classes in Coronavirus

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Harshpal Singh Khurana

E-Learning solutions for schools & educational institutions have been in existence for over a decade now but in countries like India, it was never adopted or implemented properly. Now, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, many countries are undergoing lockdown period and eLearning solutions have picked up their pace, even in remote parts of the country.

Teachers are working hard to adjust to this new reality. They are making all efforts to make sure that student is learning online. Despite their efforts, teachers are facing challenges. We all know that the world will not be the same after the pandemic. We should take the help of technology and find tools that enable teachers to teach and students to learn online. More importantly, we should try to create a classroom environment online.

Here are some solutions to the challenges faced by teachers while conducting the online class.

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Feeling Isolated

The convenience of logging into an online class anytime can be accompanied by the perception that you are, well, all by yourself. In your first online class, you will find many students have doubts, questions & challenges. Take initiative, make the student comfortable with the eLearning solution.

Tabschool, a cloud-based eLearning solution took care of this problem. It solved the problem by allowing teachers to create a small social network of its students where sharing and exchange of ideas can be done. It also has a dedicated youtube channel to support students as well as for teachers. It gives the option for teachers to conduct a class at a particular time so that all students are available at the same time.

Online Classes can be Boring

It is often observed that some students find online classes boring. They are not attentive, motivated or simply do not take it seriously. The main reason that traditional methods are used in teaching on relatively modern technology.

The solution is to make your class interactive, engaging and dynamic. It might be difficult but there are many providers including Tabschool which enables teachers to create, publish and distribute interactive training content, with challenges and adventures, videos, storytelling, gamified solutions, simulators to ensure practice.

Personal Attention

It is argued that students don’t get personal attention while attending the online class. Some teachers have said, they can’t get the reactions of students as they do in a physical class. It is also reported that some educators find measuring academic results difficult while conducting online classes.

Well, in the age of technology and artificial intelligence, measuring results of students is a child’s play for any good eLearning solution provider. However, most of the teachers forget that to achieve accurate results and reactions of each student, it is advisable to combine eLearning with a virtual classroom solution. Going Live and then sending the interactive course ware will not only help teachers’ measure results but understand student’s behavior as well.

Students can’t practice

A frequent complaint by teachers is students cannot practice or work on assignments when they are online. Students are not motivated enough to practice on topics taught in an online class.

The answer to the problem is simple. Create interactive worksheets, assignments and set a time, this way you are making sure that students are completing their assignments within a stipulated time. Use tools provided by Tabschool or another eLearning provider effectively.

Encountering technical problems

When using an eLearning or Virtual classroom solution, tech-savvy personnel is required, both teachers and students should know the way with their computers, tablets or smartphones. These technical problems can be solved by providing solutions across all platforms. It makes the student or teacher comfortable knowing that the eLearning solution is available on the devices that they use and they don’t have to invest extra in purchasing new devices.

The internet can be one of the problems but we highly recommend that you can use the internet from your phone using the hotspot as Tabschool is easily accessible even on slow internet.


E-learning is a great tool provided you have chosen the right kind of provider. Tabschool is a pioneer in providing enabling tools to impart technology-based education to learners. It offers a fascinating world of an efficient learning environment to empower educators & learners from all walks of life to gain knowledge on any subject of their interest in the most enjoyable and intuitive way possible.

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