Vijaya lakshmi Goswami Lahiri, State Head, Dream India Schools, West Bengal: Need to stay positive in lockdown

Vijaya lakshmi Goswami Lahiri

During this lockdown, when all school and colleges are closed, students as well as parents are feeling anxious, restless and worried. They need to engage their wards at home, also to provide mental support to all family members.

As technology brings a good support to school system to run via online classes, video sessions and by sending study material to the parents through different social platforms, they are somehow getting help in academics.

Needless to say, we are reaching out to students by providing them day wise worksheets, day to day online classes and video conference to clear their doubts. Though the students are missing their regular classes but at least they are continuing their learning from home.

But only teaching learning can’t keep them mentally fit and fine. We need to keep the holistic development steady that we promise, especially when we are uncertain when this phase will be over. It may continue long, really long, and we teachers need to keep our students and their family physically and mentally fit and fine. Keeping this in mind –we are helping them out by sending some online yoga and aerobics video links that they can play at home and the whole family could exercise together. For bringing the mind into more positive state, which is really needed this time; we are helping them with some guided online meditation sessions.

Our teachers are encouraging parents to involve children in making healthy and nutritious food for all. This is the time when we have to keep the children away from 24×7 TV and cell phones and to build their stamina high. This is the time when parents can spend quality time together with children at home. Playing together some indoor games, telling them stories or even simply decorating salads or fruits together helps them to keep mentally secure and relaxed.

Children need to get encouragement to be creative. When their brain is relaxed, they get enough physical rest, and practice meditation daily; mind opens up to new ideas of creativity. Our art teachers are giving them some innovative art projects –where they can explore new ideas.

Last but not the least – children, especially the PP and Primary kids, at tender age, do not understand exactly for what they are locked up in homes and barred from going to school. Many questions come in their mind and sometimes the parents are unable to answer though they know the answers. Truth , however serious it is, must be told ; but we need to speak in such A manner that they can digest them at per their mental and psychological capacity. We need to comfort their mind as well. DIS has come up with few presentations on COVID 19 which will help the parents to explain about the same. The PPTs contain different informative slides at per the students maturity level.

This difficult time too shall pass, only we need to keep patience, to uplift one another’s spirit, and to stay positive. With all my best wishes to the students and their parents