Zaitoon Group: Education is not about marks rather it’s about acquisition of moral values

Dr. Mohammed Muhinudheen K

Zaitoon aims to bring forth a generation of professionals deep rooted in moral values who can cater to the needs of self, society and national integrity says Dr. Mohammed Muhinudheen K, Principal & Founding Director, Zaitoon International Girls Campus in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How’s Zaitoon different from other schools in the country?

What makes Zaitoon International School different from other institutions is the philosophy it upholds. Zaitoon aims to bring forth a generation of professionals deep rooted in moral values who can cater to the needs of self, society and national integrity. Founded three years back, ZIGS has received widespread acclaim and acceptance in and out of Kerala. As a residential international school, Zaitoon houses students from all districts of Kerala, from Andaman, Tamil Nadu and UK. Within two years at ZIGS, each student goes through a formidable change in her character, dreams and aspirations. What makes Zaitoon more distinct is the satisfaction of students and parents while leaving the school and an everlasting impression of gratitude engraved in the heart of each and every student for what they had imbibed to their life ahead during their stay at this home away from their home. This year, God willing, Zaitoon is launching its boys’ version too and hopefully, it will set a new model in the education history of Kerala.

How does Zaitoon provide different platforms for girls to develop their talents?

Zaitoon believes in the idea that education is not only about marks and grades, rather it’s about the acquisition of moral values, development of soft skills and reinventing the hidden talents inherent in each individual to tap the opportunities outside and face the challenges ahead in the twenty-first century. So, at Zaitoon, students are motivated to do everything on their own. Zaitoon provides them monetary support and all other ideation process is done by them ranging from arts, sports, clubs to welcoming prominent personalities and even running Olea business club (an attempt to give them firsthand experience of entrepreneurship and managing accounts). So, here, our daughters, contrary to mixed schools, get more space and room to express themselves and excel in their own respective spheres.

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With closure of schools due to COVID-19, how is the teaching-learning process going on?

As its higher secondary exam time in Kerala, students are hell-bent on revising their portion for the postponed exams due to COVID-19.

We do have our own school App to evaluate their progress and all teachers are constantly in touch with them to clarify their doubts and help them fetch good marks.

What are school plans for post-COVID crisis?

Zaitoon is all set to start its online classes from 1st June onwards. With the help of Zaitoon App, our YouTube channel and ZOOM App we will strive our level best to create an alternative through online education till the pandemic vanishes for good.

With cases rising in Kerala, how has the school tackled the issue?

This had been the case earlier. Now, Kerala has embellished an enviable model for other states in tackling this pandemic successfully. We hope that if the present scenario continues, in Kerala, school education will be as normal as it used to be a few months back. Let’s hope for the best as Andy Dufrene says in Shawshank Redemption, “hope is a good thing, may be the best thing and no good thing ever dies”

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