Pre Budget Byte 2022: Swapnil Dharmdhikari, Director & Founder, Splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


As all eyes are on Union Budget 2022 that is all set to be announced on February 1, 2022, Digital Learning spoke to a few industry experts about their expectations from the Union Budget 2022.


“The children of today are preparing for a future that we haven’t even imagined yet. With that backdrop in mind, educational institutes need to re-examine the very tenets of education frameworks that have been set in place for many decades now and assess where a transformation is imminent. With the pandemic, we have seen the advent of remote learning environments take form. In the future this may transition into a hybrid model, just like we are seeing in corporate India. That being the case, now is the right time for the government to drive a greater thrust on digital transformation in the realm of education.

This transformation doesn’t just have to entail the way learning content is delivered to students but encompass the overall operational aspects and functions of every academic institute. For instance, digital admissions, digital assessments and digital evaluations have to become the norm instead of the exception they are today. The revenues saved from going paperless and real-time can unlock value for every public institute in India which can then be further deployed towards enhancing learning modules that pave the way for skilling the future workforce of India.

The hope is that the government can rally the necessary support through tax benefits and incentives in order to make India’s digital dream a reality at the very foundational stage of learning environments so that the digital adoption starts early and thrives as the students of India enter the future-ready workforce that our nation is readying for. ”


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