“NEP will give strength to people to be free from slavery”: PM’s I-Day speech

PMs I-Day speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech on Independence Day said, the new National Education Policy (NEP) places a strong focus on the skills that will empower people to break free from servitude.

“I look with hope the way the new National Education Policy has been formulated with a lot of brainstorming, with the exchange of ideas from various people and is at the core of the country’s education policy,” the prime minister said, in his address from the Red Fort’s ramparts on the 76th Independence Day.

“The skill that we have emphasized is such a power which will give us the strength to be free from slavery,” he further said.

The 2020 NEP, which was approved by the Union Cabinet, replaces the 1986-framed National Policy on Education, which had been in place for 34 years. Its goal is to pave the way for radical changes to the school and higher education systems that will turn India into a superpower in the field of knowledge.

In his address on 76th independence day, Modi said, “This Digital India movement of developing semiconductors, entering 5G era, spreading the network of optical fibres is not just to establish ourselves as modern and developed, but it is possible because of three intrinsic missions. The complete transformation of education eco-system, revolution in health infrastructure and improvement in quality of lifestyles of the citizens will be possible only through digitalisation.”