Shah to states: Promote technical, medical, and legal education in native tongue for better understanding

amit shah ji

Amit Shah, Union Home Minister urges states to promote education in Hindi and other regional languages in the fields of technical, medical, and law. The major objective is to utilise the talent of non-english speaking students.

Shah emphasised the value of education in Hindi and other regional languages. He claimed that when students study in their mother tongues, they can easily generate innovative thought processes and will also help in research and invention.

“Technical, medical, and legal education ought to be provided in Hindi and other regional tongues. In an interview, Shah urged all state governments to take the initiative to accurately translate these three disciplines of education’s curricula into local languages.

Shah asserted that learning in one’s native tongue is quicker and simpler, and that doing so will help the nation’s talent in higher education. With this project, we would be able to utilise 100 per cent of the talent in the nation, as opposed to now when we can only employ 5% of it. He added that he has nothing against the English language while claiming that five percent of the population has an English heritage.

Shah apprised his thoughts by saying, “It is that ‘maulik chintan’ (original thinking) of a student can be easily developed in his mother tongue and there is a strong connection between maulik chintan and anusandhan (research).”

It is time that people and students study the “real history” of the country and urges students to “study 300 (Jannayak) people’s heroes who were not given their due by historians and thirty such empires who ruled in India and established a very good model of governance.”

He further added., “Till when we will make a hue and cry about what others have written about our history and distortions in it. Students of our country should research our actual history.”

Programs on various historical figures and their role in the nation’s development and freedom struggle have been held by the BJP-led government at both centre and states.

The party sees this as a component of his ideological effort to remember the contributions of indigenous persons, including many who were supposedly not given enough credit.