Kerala Govt to revise the curriculum of higher education

curriculum of higher education

The process of curriculum change in the higher education sector will be launched by the Higher Education Department. On Tuesday in the capital, a two-day session of education professionals and other stakeholders will get underway as part of the first phase of developing a state higher education curriculum framework in Kerala.

R Bindu, Higher Education Minister, Kerala will provide the opening remarks at the seminar, which will be held at the Loyola Extension Centre in Sreekaryam. A thorough overhaul of the curriculum was advised by a commission that the government had created to provide recommendations for changes to the higher education sector.

According to the minister, four-year undergraduate degree programmes will be available in higher education institutions starting with the following academic year. Aside from universities and the Kerala State Higher Education Council, organisations like ASAP and K-DISC will also participate in the curriculum change process. A curriculum committee will be established, with eminent scientist and former vice-president of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment Prof. Suresh Das serving as the head.

“The curriculum monitoring committee will include academics and educationists of national and international repute besides young faulty members and researchers having international exposure. It will also have representatives from the industry as well,” said R Bindu, Higher Education Minister, Kerala. She further added that focus groups will be constituted for each sector.