Global collaboration is the need of the hour to identify common learning gaps: Padma Jyothi, Delhi Public School


There is collaboration in all aspects and education is no exception. Global collaboration is the need of the hour to identify the common learning gaps, streamline the MLLs across the levels and to arrive at quick remediation measures to bridge the gaps, shared Padma Jyothi, Principal, Delhi Public School, Nadergul, Telangana in an exclusive conversation with Sheeba Chauhan of Elets News Network. Edited excerpts:

How do you see global collaboration in education? Do you think, it can help the foundational stages?

The entire world in the 21st century is one ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’- in short one world and one family. There is collaboration in all aspects and education is no exception. The education segment post covid has seen challenges which are common all over the world. The learning gaps observed have all been with what students lost during the pandemic. A general statement that most teachers all over the world agree with these days is that digitalisation can aid learning but can never replace the teacher in the classroom. Global collaboration is the need of the hour to identify the common learning gaps, streamline the MLLs across the levels and to arrive at quick remediation measures to bridge the gaps.

How do you think global summits like World Education Summit Dubai can bring innovation and development to the landscape of education in India?

It is always an educator’s duty to be on par with world-class teaching pedagogies and summits like these render exposure to the facilitators to the recent trends in the field of education, and teaching strategies. It is an open platform for international collaborations, student exchange and also gives an opportunity to elevate education to global standards.

Some two-thirds of the world’s school-aged children do not have an internet connection in their homes. Do you think the digital divide can be a major drawback of the digitisation of education?

Absolutely true. With India still grappling with the digitisation of villages and towns, the education sector will be affected by this new trend. However, the rapid changes and advancements in technology should help reduce this divide soon. I have known many schools which have come up with various innovative measures to help students receive the digital aspect of education. I would also like to propose that each established school should take up one rural school as part of its mentor-mentee system. Though idealistic, this idea will help maintain standards across places, will help the not so settled schools to receive equal opportunities and will help the established schools to extend a helping hand to the others.

Holistic development was one of the major pushes of the New Education Policy. How do you implement the same at your school?

Delhi Public School Nadergul believes and practices the adage of all-around development of the child in the school. An example of this is our report card which runs several pages. The first page is an Appreciation Chart which identifies the ten best parameters in each child. The Appreciation chart is one step towards the holistic growth of each student. The school is the only one that gives each child an individual sports report card and a performing arts report card both aimed at identifying the best of talents in them. A holistic approach is a 360-degree involvement of the parents and the teachers. As early as the first week, we invite the parents to write their expectations, the child to give his/her goals, and the teachers to set combined expectations. This helps the teacher and the student to arrive at meaningful goal setting. The school takes up one value a month and ensures that the value is percolated. Appreciation badges to those students who display the value are another idea that the school practices for a more holistic growth of the child.

DPS Nadergul establishes itself as an innovative center of learning. Let us know about the various innovations performed at your school.

Delhi Public School Nadergul has two supporting arms to it. The Green motto and the service before self motto. These two ideas are coupled with the various creative initiatives that the school adopts. All these ideas aim at holistic growth for each and every child.

Some of these are to inculcate vocabulary-building exercises like the Password pouch, The Spell bees, the GEO bees, the GK bees and the Math bees conducted at the end of every month. The science department has its own inquiry model with What and Why questions given every month. The digital maps in social, help the students memorize the map pointing easily. The values depicted through sand art stand tall on the ground floor. The math lab and the art room lend the necessary experiential learning required. The school has been the recipient of several awards both on the academic front and the performing art departments. The school caters to specific sports coaching which has resulted in several students reaching the national, international and district-level sports.

244 million children and youth are out of school globally, of which 118.5 million are girls. Apart from the several other concern, this is the major concern seen in school-going students. Your comments on the same.

A true fact. A reflection on the sorry state of affairs in this country even in the 21st century. My personal comment is that it’s time the Government and the local agencies put their efforts together to solve this. As said earlier the private established schools can adopt the less privileged ones and bring in measures to arrest this divide. Schools should be responsible to help alleviate these concerns and ensure a learning environment for all students.

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