Networking for Capacity Building

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Cisco Network Academy Program
Cisco Systems runs theCisco Networking  Academy Program through a highly successful alliance between Cisco System, education, business, government and communities to create a pool of trained manpower  that can addressed the growing  need of  networking professionals in a globalised world.

over 41,000 networking professionals during 2005-10,  driven by regulatory compliance. Telecom sector, which currently  accounts for around 16% of the total demand of networking professionals, is  expected to witness an additional demand of over 75,000  professionals during 2005-10. BPO/ITES is the segment will witness the highest growth in the demand with a CAGR of  35% during the period 2005-10. Due to an increase in technology adoption, the  demand for networking professionals in the governance and  the retail sector is also expected to increase considerably.

Cisco Networking Academy Program- a response to global needs
Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP)  networking solutions are the foundation of these networks.  Cisco Systems runs the Cisco Networking Academy Program  (CNAP), a timely response to such challenges in India and around the  world. It is a highly successful alliance between Cisco Systems,  education, business, government, and communities. Through an innovative partnership with educational  institutions across the world, the CNAP is a world wide philanthropic  rogram (part of Cisco’s corporate  social responsibility initiative) aimed at creating a pool of trained manpower  that can address the growing need of networking  professionals. The CNAP offers a solution to address  he need for greater  technology literacy. In developing and emerging markets,  the content and learning  methodologies  provide a significant step forward in  education and opportunity for  participating students. The key  promise: a way to spur growth in a  global economy that places high value on technology  leaders.  Since its launch in 1997, the program
has grown to more than 10,000  worldwide academies in over  160 countries, with curriculum taught  in nine different  languages. Over 1.6 million students participate in academies operating  in high schools, colleges and universities, technical schools, community-based organizations, and other educational  programs around the world.  The program objectives and modules

The program empowers people
through e-Learning environments that enable them to learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace, and with  more targeted assessments and accountability than traditional  classroom settings. It is an e-Learning model that delivers web-based  educational content developed by networking and education experts,  online assessment, student performance tracking, instructor  training and support, as well as preparation for industry standard certification. It provides educational  institutions with leading-edge IT  curricula and hands-on lab exercises  to train a workforce that may attract highly desirable  technology employers. One of the most popular courses, Cisco Certified Networking Associate  (CCNA) is a complete, four-module program on the principles and practice  of designing, building, and maintaining networks capable of  supporting national and global organizations. The Cisco Networking
Academy Program is in line with  needs of colleges, and features hands-on, project-driven training in  high-demand job skills. It incorporates an e-Learning system that includes  multimedia curricula, online testing, performance-based skills assessment,  and classroom management through a Web interface. The Networking Academy program  also offers courses sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and Panduit Corp. as  a part of the overall basket of course offerings. The sponsored curriculum  enhances IT competencies throughout the the program and, by  broadening its scope, offer more students the opportunity to take advantage of the program.

Cisco partnering for education