The Chintels School: Bringing Out Children’s Innate Talents

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With an idea, a vision, a dream to impart quality education to children, the Chintels School was established in the year 1989. The school defines a child’s first decision, the first feel of the sense of responsibility, his/her first achievement, the first failure and the first lesson of perseverance.

Nandita Basak, Principal, The Chintels School

Nandita Basak, Principal, The Chintels School

At Chintels, with the motto of “Always More, Always Better” of Jyoti (Light), Preeti (Love), Shanti (Peace) and Neeti (Justice), we strive to make this journey of our children a valuable learning experience. With hard work, grit and courage, we are continuously progressing with achievements, laurels and new feathers being added to our cap with every passing day—and there is no looking back! Our children are putting their best foot forward and moving ahead in all spheres, their wings are taking flight yet they are grounded. No matter how high we as an institute or our children as individuals soar high, our hearts and minds will be rooted and humility will never over power success.

At The Chintels School, Our approach is fully child-centric. By child centric we do not believe in information being spoon-fed but making learning a lifetime experience, making the children think on their own and make their own wise choices. Below is a motivating poem on how adults can be a support but at the end it’s the child who has to lead his own life.

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‘We care, we teach you to share, we even tell you to dare, for your bright future we prepare’.

Dear children, your family, your school, your well wishers can show you the path but how you trot on it would be YOUR DECISION.

We can teach you the difference between virtue and vice but making the choice would be YOUR DECISION.

We can give you liberty but protecting it, would be YOUR DECISION.

We can teach you to respect but will you work with dignity to get that respect would be YOUR DECISION.

We can counsel you about your friends, but choosing your true friend would be YOUR DECISION.

We can teach you about charity but been generous would be YOUR DECISION.

We can guide you through the journey of thorns but will you walk or quit would be YOUR DECISION.

We can warn you against intoxication but to act responsibly would be YOUR DECISION.

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