Pokhriyal discusses implementation of NEP in 54th meeting of IIT Council

ramesh-pokhriyal ji

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank chaired the 54th session of the Council of Institutes of Technology (IIT) to discuss the implementation of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

During the virtual meeting, Pokhriyal asked the IITs to develop an institute development plan envisaged at NEP 2020 to enhance mobility of faculties between institutions and industries. The mobility of professors and industry experts between technical institutes and industry will foster collaboration between industry and science, he said.

Previously, under the chairmanship of Dr. K Radhakrishnan, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the IIT Council, a committee was formed to propose the hiring of faculties for IIT (interaction with industry and faculty mobility).

Based on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Standing Committee to the IIT Council, four working groups were formed on issues related to NEP-2020: – Group 1: Graduated autonomy, empowered and responsible BoG and Director, Group -2: Prepare distinguished scientists at the head of IITs, Group 3: Reform and restructuring of the University Senate and Group 4: Innovative financing mechanisms

The reports of these groups, as well as a new group that will deal with the development of the faculty, will be presented at a meeting chaired by the Union Minister of Education, the press release said.

At today’s meeting, the Board also presented a proposal to host an IIT Research and Development (R&D) online fair for your consideration, to showcase the quality research conducted by IITs and the IIT’s work from the IIT industry to present.

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Pokhriyal highlighted various government initiatives and mentioned the approval of funds to improve the overall infrastructure of the 4 IITs in Madras, Delhi, Kharagpur and Mumbai.

The Minister spoke of making IIT multidisciplinary institutions for comprehensive growth in all educational disciplines without losing sight of scientific research and technological development. He urged IITs to take full advantage of the program recently announced by the National Research Foundation.