PM Modi supports hybrid learning in view of implementation of NEP

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi backs hybrid system of online and offline learning in view of implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. He has observed that a hybrid system of learning should be developed to avoid overexposure of technology for school-going children. Besides this, PMO further remarks that students have been allowed to pursue two academic programmes concurrently as per UGC Guidelines and a big push to online learning with HEIs is being allowed to run full-fledged online courses with the permissible limit of online content being raised to 40%. He stated that multi-linguality is being promoted to remove language-related challenges in academic attainment.

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In an official press release, the PMO revealed, “The databases maintained by Anganwadi centers should be seamlessly integrated with the school databases as children move from Anganwadis to Schools. Regular Health check-ups and screening for children in schools should be carried out with the help of technology. Emphasis should be laid on use of indigenously-developed toys to develop conceptual skills in students. He also recommended that secondary schools with science labs should engage with farmers in their area for soil testing to create awareness about soil health.”