Junk food banned at Mexico schools

In order to prevent students from turning obese, Mexico has banned junk food in schools and made physical training mandatory for students. Two laws seeking a ban on the sale of junk food in schools and making physical education mandatory in the country, where 30 % of children are obese were approved on April 13th, 2010 by the lower house.

A majority of lawmakers, who voted in favour of the legislation, acknowledged that childhood obesity tripled in Mexico in the past 20 years and said federal and state officials must take action to deal with the situation. To further help students lose the unnecessary weight, schools will be required to provide 30 minutes of physical training every day, according to the new law. President Felipe Calderon had made a comment on January 25 that Mexico has the largest number of overweight adults, overtaking the US, and also had the largest number of obesechildren.