ICT test to be passed in Nigeria to become teachers

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The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) has directed that teachers can only be registered if they are able to pass a professional qualifying examination where ICT will be a key part which they must pass in order to be registered.

The Director of Operations, TRCN, Dr. Steve Njoku said that registered teachers will be issued with practising licenses which they will be required to renew periodically as done in other professions. He described the Internet as 'The Super Highway'.  The TRCN director of operations mentioned that teachers and students are in a race which has become dramatic because the pupils seem to be leading the teachers in e-Capabilities. Njoku disclosed that TRCN is establishing practising ICT centres, two in each of the geo-political areas of the country. Each centre will have a minimum of 100 computers and Internet connectivity and will be open to registered teachers to practise free of charge. Teachers trained in ICT can be used to train others.


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