e-Learning Can Go Only One Way – UP! : Goutam Goradia, Managing Director, Hayagriva Software

We will continue to pursue our roadmap to bring better products that benefit individual users, and consequently make education almost ‘free’. In so far as sharing one another’s content is concerned Goutam Goradia Managing Director, Hayagriva Software
Hayagriva Software is soon bringing to market a unique community portal – www.yoknowledge.com, where knowledge can be shared between community members in a very structured and organised format via xml files. Hayagriva has also created several unique webified database software solutions that will collaborate with the portal, and that will let users author their own content that may relate to their needs and interests. Because users can now create and share content themselves, they need not remain dependent on third party content providers for all types of of content. Currently, if an ‘individual’ pc user wishes to author content that relates to his/her needs, there are no specialised solutions available that will allow the user to author such content in an organised and structured format. At best users can use word processors and spreadsheets or such applications that ct only as ‘repositories’ of content. However, if content like Q&A on any subject, language learning, etc can be created using specialised database applications, then the content can be processed, and consequently, it can be made better use of. With the introduction of www. yoknowledge.com users will be able to share content with
each other, in most cases for free. Gautam sees a huge demand for e-Learning at all levels of education. In his view, once people are able to share content with
each other through the medium of a community, the impact can be huge. Expensive solutions that are complex and inflexible are the only solutions that
are available in the market. Currently, the scenario is that there is a content provider, and the student has no option  ther than using this content. Students,
or for that matter, even teachers have n   means to create their own content using cost effective solutions. So, what is the USP of Hayagriva and its products, and how far it has been able to position uniquely in the market? Does it face the force of competition in any means? Gautam is more confident in saying, no company so far has introduced the kind of products that we wish to bring to market. ‘So, virtually, we have no ompetition. Also, we have applied for several patents.’ There is a lot of scope for the e-Learning market to grow in India. We are of the opinion that our offer of the individual (be it student/teacher/parent) being able to demonstrate his creativity by creating and sharing content will open up new vistas for the teaching and learning community. Imagine that there is a teacher in one city in India who puts up Q&A on www.yoknowledge.com that are downloaded in another city of the country. Suddenly, the student/teacher have a greater choice for content that is well organised. What has been Gautam’s most crucial learning experience in this sector? ‘The power of user generated content, and especially when this content is created in database applications, the benefits are dramatic.’ -Learning can go only one way -UP! We will continue to pursue our roadmap to bring better products that benefit individual users, and consequently make education almost free. In so far as sharing one another’s content is  concerned.

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