More than 53 Percent Girls avail Pre-Matric Scholarships

Under the Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, 53.35 percent scholarships have gone to the girl students during the current Financial Year till January 2012. As per the latest data available with the Ministry of Minority Affairs, as on 31st January 2012, a total of 34,71,017 students have been awarded Pre-matric scholarships; out of which 18,51,948 are girl students ( which is 53.35 percent) and the number of boy students is 16,19,069. This Scheme is for the benefit of students belonging to minority communities from class I to class X and was started in 2008-09. Under it 30 percent scholarships are earmarked for the girl students, but the actual achievement 31st January 2012 has much exceeded the target.