Teachers Getting Trained to Become Techno-Savvy

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Besides providing an all round education, Sanjay Godhawat International School, Kolhapur, Maharashtra offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and purposeful research. Principal Sasmita Mohanty, in conversation with Seema Gupta, Elets News Network

Please elaborate on key issues faced by schools.
The challenges today faced by the institution are: installing and retaining the value system among the stake holders, disciplining the students, making faculty competent to use of technology, and retaining the good faculty members.

Do you think that government policies been instrumental in bringing about changes in education?
Government policies have brought about both negative and positive impact in the system. For instance, CBSE introduced CCE pattern which gives scope for teachers to identify the interest of the students in co-curricular activities and students have a stress free education. However, it has also has reduced the seriousness of the students towards learning. It might prove difficult for the students to qualify for the further bigger competitive examinations in life.

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What are the new initiatives undertaken by your school?
In our school, all the class rooms are digital class rooms. We have collaborated with NIIT and Educomp. Besides this, we have three computer labs with Wi Fi connectivity. All teachers are given training to more techno-savvy to use all the modern gazettes, multimedia, power point presentation interactive boards etc while teaching in the class. Our school has the english language lab where student can correct there pronunciation and complete their assignment online.
We also have introduced robotic lab in our school. We also have added an electronic lab for preparing different types of models for which a special curriculum has been developed. We have introduced different hobby clubs among them cookery, hardware software development, ecoclub, photography, music and dance, where children have the opportunity to get training from the best of the professional in their chosen subject. We under the process of establishing an aeronautical lab, our school have recently established a stadium with facilities of flood lights.
We have the cricket pitch, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis courts, football ground, and skating rink of international standard our school attract best of the faculties all over the country and train them as it believes in human resource development. Recently our school had organized the west zone girl’s football tournament. In near future we have the plan of establishing Science Park.

Special training programs for teacher development

  • Computer training by NIIT and Educomp
  • CCE by Edify, Hyderabad
  • Creative teaching by Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT), Bangalore
  • Ethics & value by Dr Al Subhramanyam, Ex-academic CBSE Director
  • Training on life skills – by Edify, Hyderabad
  • Asl training by CBSE
  • Leadership training by ACT, Bangalore
  • CCE training by Arindum Choudhary, Master trainer from CBSE
  • Motivation sessions by Dr Rajdeep, Jain University, Bangalore
  • In-house technical trainer by – SGI computer engineering faculty

Please elaborate on the strategies used by your school to enhance learning experience of students.
We follow some simple means to ensure a better learning experience for students. We keep them busy in constructive activities, give them practical experience through various projects on community service, organise student exchange programme and talks from different professionals. Apart from these, we also train them to set goals, know their aptitude for a subject. We also mentor and counsel the students and ensure good exposure for them in various fields. Confidence building and leadership workshop are also a part of their curriculum.

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