A’s Steward Morris School Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Director: Amit Tak
It was about eight years ago that Amit Tak started A’s Steward Morris School. He is deeply involved in technology related activities. He also supports humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors in and around Bhilwara region. He has an eye for detail and expects nothing but excellence. Digital teaching tools are the building blocks for effective ed- To serve the needs of its students, the school aims to have a modern campus with superlative technological facilities,
The school has opted for 16 IKEN classes, with RS System, ELL and ILL. In times to come, we plan to increase the number of IKEN classes. Every student in the school has access his own computer. We often source content from the internet; usage of Cloud Computing is also on the cards.

Vision Statement
It provides us with access to lot of information. Through digital tools, the teacher is effectively able to communicate, replicate, and ensure understanding of multiple topics.