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Manmeet Khurana

The need and benefits of Online Education has never been felt as strongly as it is felt today. The role of internet in helping children acquire knowledge and self-awareness cannot be washed away, says Manmeet Khurana, Founder and CEO, The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK), in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

How far has ‘The Ultimate Knowledge’ (TUK) reached in realising its vision & mission of making Online Education, especially General Awareness, accessible and affordable to all?

We have surely made a start, no doubt, but it is just the beginning and TUK has a long way to go. We will relentlessly pursue our mission till every child in the world gets the TUK exposure. I personally believe every student should have access to quality General Awareness content. Our commercial interests aside, we strive everyday to make TUK really accessible and affordable.

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What are the key focus areas while designing the knowledge material for students of different age groups?

Personalised content is something we take pride in. While General Awareness is vital for every student, the content should be appropriate to his/her age group. We have worked within defined parameters while setting the right content for children of various grades. Because one size does not fit all! The language, terminology and size of the content would differ, as the grades change. Our content is prepared by specialists who have strong academic background, hence our content is neither over-burdening nor does it fall short.

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How important is General Awareness for students of classes 9th to 12th, given the fact that he/she already has a lot of syllabus to cover?

General Awarenes is not a separate subject. Rather it is a part of every subject. Academics is very important and the teachers and schools are doing a great job at it. However, TUK is equally important in the sense that it acts as a bridge between academics and the real world. It requires only 15 minutes for students to brush up their information. Irrespective of tough or lengthy syllabus, one should always know what’s going on in the world.

How challenging it is to keep your knowledge bank updated in the ever-changing world, and how do you overcome it?

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of educationists and content creators who help us with the content as per the age and class group of the student. We have a team of 100+ professionals who work hard to keep our knowledge bank updated. We also have the support of 1,000+ teachers who act as mentors for us. Our research is excellent as the content on the portal is posted only after verifying it from multiple sources.

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Do you simply provide information to students or do you have any mechanism on board to monitor their progress as well?

Sure we do. All the teachers associated with TUK are given an individual user ID which they can use to monitor the TUK dashboard of the school. On the dashboard there are various parameters to judge the child’s progress. For example, how many articles the child has read in a month, or how many marks he scored in the last Quiz, and many more. It also helps us in analysing students’ progress and advising the school accordingly. The dashboard also helps the school to identify the improvement areas of the child and collaborate with us to work upon those.

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