US working with India on smoother education visa procedures

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The United States is working with the Indian Government to facilitate a smoother entry of American students into India.

Both countries are formally working on streamlining India’s education visa process, as it is considered a major hurdle for American students looking to pursue higher studies in the country.

The Obama government has started a ‘Passport to India’ initiative with an aim to send more American students to India.

Moreover, the US-India Educational Foundation is working closely with Indian institutions of higher education to provide better housing and support offices services for foreign students.

The US is also working with the industry and businesses to enhance opportunities for more Americans through internships, and service learning during their college or university years.

Passport to India initiative now has 10 partnerships with companies like Honeywell, United Airlines and Citigroup.

Currently, more than 100,000 Indian students go to the US for study every year. But, a mere 4,300 American students studied in India in 2011-2012.

(Source: PTI)


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