Sisodia: Happiness curriculum aims at developing mindset of students


The Happiness curriculum is aimed towards the development of the mindset of students, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said during an online panel discussion on systematic social emotional learning. The happiness curriculum developed for Delhi government schools was featured in Harvard University’s International Education Week.

The Deputy CM said the programme is not focussed on preaching values but rather on developing students’ mindsets ad lifelong learners. The happiness curriculum was organised by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) during its International Education Week. The curriculum celebrates the successful implementation of the “happiness classes” in the government schools of Delhi. The Deputy CM said that the curriculum is focussed on developing students mindsets so that they can adopt the values in their everyday attitude and behaviour rather than being a value education class that preaching moral values to students.

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He further said that the curriculum provides the tool kit for school children to scientifically observe their emotions and comprehend them. The Minister said that happiness curriculum focusses on the science of emotions because once the students are able to comprehend and recognise their emotions well, they will grow up and become better human beings.

The role of the happiness curriculum said the Deputy CM, then becomes critical in developing the students’ mindsets as well as the teachers to adopt these ethical values in their behaviour. The minister said that these students coming out of schools should be prepared to live in the world as lifelong learners, which is the main aim of the curriculum.